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feature requests & improvements

First off, I'm impressed with how this platform is evolving and I'm strongly considering it for a few projects I'm working on. Before I can proceed, I need a few issues addressed... 1) based on the demo site alone, it's nearly impossible to access the shopping cart. The responsive theme is great but the menu can easily contain this dynamic cart info and ideally it should float as the page scrolls. 2) based on my test of v1.7, I could not find a way to connect my PayPal Direct/Pro credit card processing gateway which is how I process cards and this is a must-have for me, as well as standard PayPal (at checkout) and PayPal Express option at several page levels: product details, flyout cart (if used), product quick views (if used), shopping cart and facebook page shop tab (if implemented). *A majority of my products are configurable clothing items such as t-shirt designs that I offer on many shirt styles (mens, ladies, hoodie, kids, baby) and each style has its own color and size variants. My ideal shopping cart system will allow me to offer all of these attribute combinations as one product so a customer simply chooses a shirt style and is then presented with options for that style (via ajax). Each attribute combination should allow for a detail image to give the customer a visual representation of what they are about to order. ** With these items in place or in the roadmap, I can start developing my shirt & novelty stores on Virto Commerce! Thank you for considering my requests and I look forward to working with your team and all developers that jump into this promising ecommerce/cms platform.

Hi, thanks for the detailed descriptions. Most of the concerns you have are already addressed in the current version, except PayPal Express. Let me go one by one:

1. The top menu is floating, if you scroll down it should remain on top (at least in desktop view), it doesn't remain on top in mobile view and I'll create an issue.

2. That is correct, we'll include it in our roadmap.

3. For the multi attribute products, check the following sample product in our demo:

Also look at how it is configured at the backend. As you can see it has 2 properties, color and size that are dependent on each other and also have inventory values.

Let me know if you have more questions and I'll be happy yo assist.

We implemented more advanced template engine as well as PayPal integration.

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