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effective localization Tools

I have a set of proposals concerning the localization

2-For programmers: localization resources Management:

After the experience of each of the CodeRush, JustCode, reSharper, Resource Refactoring Tool. Show me that the best among them is the reSharper tool it contains all options:

Extract string from source code, search, Edit, delete in resources

Other Features:

But unfortunately all the tools available, supports ResX only, So I Don't favor another alternative for ResX in visual studio.

2- For translators and Users:

In order to disseminate VirtoCommerce as widely must providing the largest number of languages and to do so at the lowest cost suggested the following:

Provide localization files for translation in a simple way For Crowdsourcing By collecting resources in a single file not Embedded in binary And dedicated only for localization, To make it easy Deal with it with translation Tools of localization files I will mention some of them with pros and cons of each tool:

1- Redpin Babylon:

It is fully compatible with Visual Studio and is ideal for work within the company but it is not free, only a copy translators as it is not good in Crowdsourcing.


2- google toolkit translator:

Despite the strength of google translator But unfortunately is Weak in Crowdsourcing and Continuous Localization and does not support the formula ResX , but can overcome this problem by providing a copy in order to translation of chrome json format Then Import it after translator, converted to ResX using simple convertor.

Cannot be condoning google toolkit translator because it is the most famous and prevalent among translation tools.

3- Transifex:

Crowdsourcing is the best feature so that users can cooperate in the translation into the local their language and is free for open source projects and Supports Resx


4- GetLocalization:

Is like the former, but I do not know that was a free to open source projects or no


you're not obliged To choose a single tool can combine the merits of each of these tools. 

A great idea that is separated resources Localization of dynamic phrases Such as menus, because it user-specific only, can be add them and edit using UI and save in the database or JSON files to download it and translate. 


ResX supports images and icons and Audio, It can be used for example an flag Icons, or Text Graphic ,so should caution may cause a problem when the translation

There is a new type of Windows Resource Files (.Resjson) released with VS 2013, are used for the internationalization of Windows Store apps

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Thanks for the comprehensive review. 

We already have a localization mechanism for the frontend that seems to work quite well and convenient for both developer and user/translator. We just added ability to export localization into CSV file which then can be used to easily translate resources. 

We now investigating options on how to enable translations for the admin, one scenario can be to save localization in the db table and download them on first login with ability to synchronize changes as needed. Your research will help us to look at other options.

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