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Web based control panel

Dear Virto support

I like the setup of virto.  Nice product!!

Only one thing I don't like:  The WPF control panel application

The WPF control panel is compatible for Windows users only.  But it can not be used by Mac users.  Also it needs an installation on clients, which is bad. Modern applications can all run web based.  

My customers (and I think a lot other users) are not fan of WPF.  I really think your product can become big when you migrate the WPF into a web based control panel.  There are nice (bootstrap) frameworks for this.

Note... please do not answers like  :-)  :  "WPF give better UI experience."  Because with HTML5 / JS gives users also a very rich UI experience

So my general question is:   Is there a web version planned of control panel in near future ?



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for technologies we most likely will be using:





with API implemented as a REST API returning JSON to the web frontend.

We are using MVC Web PI and will investigate AngularJS, seems very promising.

any update on the status on the web based admin.


Thanks for update Sasha. We all are eagerly waiting for this release..... :)

It is currently in development. We now expect some early prototype in september.

Sasha, is there any way I could help or are any branches I could fork/pull/commit to?

If not, do you have any idea when this would be released?

Thanks again

I agree with Menno, a web based back office solution is imperative to have when you have a WEB-BASED e-commerce package. This allows the store managers to access their BO anywhere, any time, not just on the computer where they have the BO manager installed.

I think it is rather ludicrous to think otherwise and if you think there is no benefit, then you don't understand e-commerce.

The project is currently in the private branch. I hope to start giving access to it in the next couple of weeks, we basically just need to organize everything better as well as provide guidelines on contributing. We will have to do that since we are also developing marketplace based on this new 2.0 virto commerce. I will keep you in mind and as soon as it is available will send an invite.

Hi Sasha,

Can you please send me invite as i also want to contribute in this.



Well, on your phone, do you prefer using website or native app?  you have to agree that WPF functionality is much richer than that of web, so that is the reason a lot of native applications offer much more usability. The MAC disadvantage is real, but at the same time how many people need to access admin app? Typically it is very specialized role in the company.

I agree that html5 does offer a rich UI experience and one example of such experience is azure management portal, some of our clients do create custom (less functionality) admins, so that is an option.

We are considering providing web admin starter in addition to wpf, but no immediate plans just yet.

Web control panel  Has many advantages The only downside is hang the work in the event of problems in connection , So I hope That doesn't will be canceled commerce manager To be relied upon as a program within the company for Management of sales and inventory independent is works offline At the same time can publishing products on the online store  And synchronization of orders in order not to hang work because of the connection

I suggest using of the Kendo UI and Bootstrap in designing Web control panel

We have several clients who did write custom web based admins with a limited functionality such as: simple product and order management. There are also discussions of them making those backends public and available to community.

As for us WPF, it offered much better usability for CSRs and a quick environment to develop features. Also consider this example: you have a warehouse that ships hundreds of orders per day. You'd like to give people running warehouse a software that integrates with your store and shows shipments that need to be send, allows generating pick lists, print them and so on. Would you provide them with a web based tool for that? In our WPF application it is very easy to integrate a custom warehouse management tool using the same UI, same general concepts and make it very easy to use by warehouse workers. You can also do some direct integration with your on-site EPR and other LOB applications which you will not be able to do with web based tool.

I understand that smaller businesses can find WPF application to be too limited, but for medium and large businesses it offers a great deal of value and this is what VC was originally built for.

We added a new branch on github that now contains web admin:

There are also couple of guides on how to install it locally and how to develop extensions:

It is still under heavy development and is updated daily, but it should give a clear directions we are going with webadmin.

Hey guys,  any updates on the web admin?


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