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Support Bootstrap 3 + FontAwesome + Less

I like to see the Bootstrap 3 + FontAwesome + Less in VirtoCommerce

Will facilitate the design templetes or get it ready ,

Examples :

support {Less} Will make it possible Design such as this interface :

"Click on Login button"

to help the simple user to control themes of elements,Such as color adjustments fonts, colors etc.

The last link is not working, the bootstrap framework is suitable for admin site designs but sometimes puts too much restriction on front end sites, so that is the reason we didn't pick it.

We'll investigate FontAwesome and Less.

I think that these restrictions is deliberate For that called Bootstrap Framework

The set designers within the Framework will facilitate the possibility of changing many Templates easily , It is true that a narrow and does not contain all of the options that we want But is New in third version , Can rely on Bootstrap components currently available To take advantage of them That does not preclude adding other new elements specific to VirtoCommerce If not available , Pending the the new versions

The intention is to take advantage of the designs Bootstrap components is ready and Templates designers trained in advance Hard to get them in the framework of a new special ,

 I think it is an appropriate choice for a modern CMS  To provide a lot of Templates in a short time

Some CMSs began supporting such Sitefinity , and soon in nopِCommerce

+1 for Bootstrap support. Very nice CSS / JS framework. Have it on other sites would be great to be able to use a standard framework for all sites. The sitefinity video from Mostapha is very cool.


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