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elasticsearchw.exe takes excessive CPU even when idle

Up to 25%.  In this case, I have not even spun up the site in IIS.  Takes about 25 minutes.  I tried the latest version from the elastic search site, didn't help.  Happens to all developers in my shop.

Also, please open file: "Program Files\VirtoCommerce\ElasticSearch\config\elasticsearch.yml" and change the following line


# elasticsearch
to billelasticsearch

or any unique name.

Also make sure to to change the following:
transport.tcp.port: 9301
I had all the developers at my site change the number to a different value.  This is what ultimately fixed the issue.

Virto Commerce 1.10 is released. Among other improvements we've upgraded Elastic Search to 1.1.1. Try it out!

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