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New catalog items is not visible on site and cannot be found.

An issue is possible when search index scope settings differ in web site and in jobs which updates the index. 
Web site has configuration file ..\App_Data\Virto\Configuration\connectionStrings.local.config with search server connection parameter:
 <add name="SearchConnectionString" connectionString="server=http://localhost:9200;scope=TestStore" />
The same scope name must be set for jobs, which prepares and updates a catalog items index. Note that if web site is created with VirtoCommerce Project Manager, then scope name is project name.
Now this scope name must be set to system jobs "Generate Search Index" and "Process Search Index":

1. Open VirtoCommerce administration application.

2. Go to the Settings->Application->System jobs and click "Edit" for "Generate Search Index", change parameter (see step 3) and do the same with "Process Search Index":

3. Select "Parameters" tab in system job edit window and set value of parameter "scope" to name defined in web site configuration:

Now jobs will update search index which is used on the site.

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This has changed now in 2.x version.

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This has changed now in 2.x version.

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