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Catalog Product Variation Questions


I'm looking at implementing a store for a client and have come across VirtoCommerce, it looks very impressive but I have some questions that I hope someone can help with:

1. Products with multiple size options, I have set this up in the demo store but on the product page I don't seem to be able to select the size that I would like to purchase. So:

 a) is this something that is supported (i may have just not st it up quite right)

 b) if this is supported how does it work with the 'Buy Now' button that appears on the product list page (so you can add the product to your basket without looking at all the details)

 c) is it possible to vary the price of the item by the size chosen?

2. Can the payment options be linked/influenced by the shipping method selected. Eg if a user selects 'Collection from store' as a shipping method then a 'Cash'  payment option becomes available?



Hi Dave,

1a. Yes, size is supported, you can actually define any option to be a variation property and displayed in storefront.

1b. This is actually already implemented in our latest storefront (you can get it front he dev site):


1a. Each size is setup as separate variation which can have its own price, availability etc.

2. It can be, but will require some customization.

Hi Sasha, thanks for your reply, will try and set this up locally and checkout the latest storefront. 

Hi Sasha, I've set it up locally and had a little play around with the latest storefront, unfortunately the 'Buy Now' button doesn't seem to let you choose a size, it simply seems to just add the item you clicked, without prompting to select a specific variation.

Also for items returned in the api call (/Clothing/storefrontapi/cart?t=1487968208802) on the basket page there doesn't seem to be any indication of the variations of colour or size in the response. So the only way a customer would be able to tell exactly what is in their basket is if the title of the item included all the variation information. 

I'm still having a play around with it, maybe I haven't set things up quite right I was using the demo store content as a starting point.



Hi Dave.

Currently "Buy now" button on category pages adds a primary product variation to a shopping cart. The SKU selector (size, color, etc.) is available on the product page.

You can receive any product variation info with additional request which contain an ID of corresponding variation: GET storefrontapi/products?productIds=[...]&respGroup=...

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