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Admin User Experience

Unlike the administration pages of other e-commerce software like shopify, nopCommerce, woocommerce etc... Virto Commerce uses a unique UI that Azure portal uses. To just see the order details, I have to do 3 clicks to see the details. That is not that UX friendly.

I want to know how your customers are liking it compared to experience on other shopping cart sites.

Our UI is SPA, which means there are no refreshes and it is much more responsive than typical admin UI. It also allows to model very complex scenarios with ease. 

Order information is accessible with two clicks, not 3 and it is typical for all sites. Some of our customers change left navigation menu to allow for quick access to some common functionality, instead of clicking browse button, they put orders on the top menu.

In addition, this UI better matched with our concept of  extension. 

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