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Beginners guide

Is there a guide that helps users build a store available? I've read through the documentation and while it's comprehensive on some area it doesn't touch on some fundamentals such as how to get categories listed in the nav bar.

At the current moment we are working on self certification program, which will contains multiple education tutorials and videos, unfortunately it not ready yet. 

Regarding to your question on navigation, Virto Commerce themes fully compatible with Shopify themes standard and  you may examine official  Shopify  themes documentation to better understanding base themes construction principles, This topic  should help with the navigation bar understanding.

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Thanks for reply. I'm having issues getting even what should be simple things to work, such as product variations or product search in the storefront, as it is difficult to know what I'm doing wrong. I've gone from being quite excited by Virto Commerce to being frustrated by lack of progress I'm making. It seem intuitive enough but I'm not getting the results I'm expecting.

Which kind of problems with variation and search you facing?

Variations (new store) of a product are not showing on the storefront and the search doesn't work even with the Electronics sample data.

Could you send to us public link of your VC admin and storefront instances?

Reasons of why you do not see you changes immediately - may be index lag or storefront caching issues.

I added one dictionary variation property 'pack size' on Cards catalog level and set some values for exist  variations. Now you can see how to variations works on you store. 

To get more information about VC catalog module base principles please read this article

For search by keyword we will check why it stopped work.

That's really helpful, thank you.

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