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Marketplace and Multi-vendor

Ive got this project, which is basically a online marketplace, a place where the vendors of the site can upload products and control "their little part of the site" and have a vendor page etc. Furthermore i need the orders which the involves items from each specific vendor to be send and handle by that vendor, with no regard of the order containing items from another vendor. 

When i search the internet it seems like Virto can do this "Multi-vendor", but i cant find any proof of it. any documentation description anything about it. 

Can anyone describe or guide me to this, so i can conclude whether Virto is the right thing for me. Because i like the new platforms, which angular, elasticsearch but if the system does not contain functionality to do this, i would be needing to go with nopcommerce, which has the "marketplace" functionality in order. 

Please guys, help me out. I'd really love to work with Virto, but i need to figure out if it fits me demands! :)

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Hi Niclas,

first let me tell you thanks for exploring Virto Commerce. Regarding Multi-vendor solution, we have many clients using our platform for different flavors of multi vendor implementations. Your described scenario is possible with some customization, we don't have the exact scenario available out of the box in the system. So if you are a developer and willing to invest time in customizing VC for your needs, you should be able to create your solution in no time. However if you are looking for a solution that you simply install and it performs all the functions you described without any customizations, then currently we don't have such solution available for you. 

PS: We ourselves are launching marketplace update for our appstore functionality which is based on VC and will be available to the public in the next couple of weeks.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Sasha,

any news about this new marketplace functionality?

Hello, is the new marketplace functioning now?

I'm also wondering if the ebay plugin is functioning??


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