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Keep Virto catalogs/products in sync from external system.

This question is overlapping with: Importing products from external database

We use an external system to manage item creation/updates and management of how the items will be displayed in categories (virtual catalog). This means that we need to sync Virto from this system (import it's data and recreate it in Virto as Catalog and a Virtual Catalog). This needs to be done at least once a day to get new changes from the master system into Virto.

We are a little bit unsure on what is the best way to do this. Partial updates might cause the two systems to get out of sync, but full updates requires us to delete data in Virto and then import which might cause other problems. We are also unsure what would be the best way to import all this data. 

Is this sync against an external system a type of problem that other users have solved and could give us some tips or ideas?

I have two suggestion for you question.

1. If you external PIM system it is as your primary data source and all changes was made there. You can replace VC catalog module back-end part with own implementation worked with external system directly through WEB services.  

2. If you wants to keep current VC catalog system and preserve making changes in both systems  you should implement "Two way" synchronization scenario with conflict resolution, I have some experience  with sync tasks by using Microsoft sync framework, you can look in this side. 

Depends on your requirements may be other ways :)

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Look on Logic Apps, because Virtocommerce has got a rich API.

It delivers powerful integration solutions with ease. 

Also I found some topic from VCF team, may be it will help you.

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