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Version 2.9 - local server, cannot import csv

Running version 2.9.1324 locally, setting all the required permissions as described on the installation documents.

When I try to import csv file it seems that the import field always stays empty (does not accept any file path) and therefore the "start import" button remains disabled.

Uploading image file (for single products, for example) , does work  -files are uploaded correctly and stored on the server.

Any idea ?

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I'm having the same trouble;  Worst part is there's no feedback whatsoever.  It appears to be a product of the blade.importConfiguration being undefined in .canMapColumns in catalog-CSV-import-wizard.js

I got it fixed.  There are file associations that the JS is looking for (LN: 34 in catalog-CSV-import-wizard.js). A sledge hammer way of fixing it is by installing Excel;  a more fine tuned way would be to install the supporting office developer tools.

Here it UX problem, csv import allows only files with .csv extension, files with other extensions will be ignored without any warning and input will be empty and import button disabled. Definitely missed some error or warning message.

so I cannot even import a csv file exported by Virto, unless I have Excel installed ?

I've installed office developer tools. still leaves it empty and cannot upload csv file.
tried to debug on catalog-CSV-import-wizard.js, but it doesn't seem to be blocked there.


For the csv export/import of any additional packages are not needed. Can you provide to us all sequence of actions that you make for export and for import catalog?

@Eugeny Tatrincev; After looking closer, You are correct, an additional package is not necessary; however.  lines  30-35 in catalog-CSV-import-wizard.js, are telling any files that don't have the meta data type of 'csv' or '' to be ignored even if they were selected.  However, when you install excel, and make a csv file extension, the type "application/" is set on .csv files by windows.

A better solution may be limit the selectable files or at the very least provide feedback about *why* the file was ignored.

@Ran Chen try commenting out lines 30-35 in catalog-CSV-import-wizard.js, before resorting to installing excel.

@David Redding Thanks for your support.

@Eugeny Tatarincev

Now I do manage to open the csv file - fields mapping also seems to be working fine,

but when starting the import I get the following error - although the import itself is working !

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

 at VirtoCommerce.CatalogModule.Web.ExportImport.CsvCatalogImporter.SaveProduct(Catalog catalog, FulfillmentCenter defaultFulfillmentCenter, CsvProduct csvProduct) in C:\[...]\Projects\vc-community-master\PLATFORM\Modules\Catalog\VirtoCommerce.CatalogModule.Web\ExportImport\CsvCatalogImporter.cs:line 296

 at VirtoCommerce.CatalogModule.Web.ExportImport.CsvCatalogImporter.<>c__DisplayClass15_0.<SaveProducts>b__2(CsvProduct csvProduct) in C:\[...]\PLATFORM\Modules\Catalog\VirtoCommerce.CatalogModule.Web\ExportImport\CsvCatalogImporter.cs:line 163

I did get this error either by import the csv generated by virto commerce, and also by importing the simplest csv:


New Name

Thanks for you feedback

I added you error report to ticket and we will take it in process ASAP.

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