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I'm just toying with this at the moment, getting a feel for what it can do. I'm stuck on variants. I can see a product has variants however those variants do not show in the demo store. I'm using the master branch from git.


checkout this product on the demo site:

It has variations defined, you call also find in the admin site.

Thanks. I've had a look at the admin however I still cannot (easily) see why variations of other products are not displayed. 

For example has four variations but the variations are not displayed.


I believe that is an issue, related to the clothing theme. I created an issue


Thanks I see that page does display variations however I cannot determine why another page does not. 

For example, has four variants but none show on the page. What i'm trying to work out is why.


I'm not sure it is related to the template (but i've only justed started with virto so i'm likely wrong), debugging locally I can see the variants loaded by EF however when storefront receives the variants. But again my inexperience with the platforms could mean I'm just looking into the wrong place.

I have a developer looking at that. The electronics template and clothing templates use slightly different API's to display variation. Electronics uses AngularJS while clothing uses jquery and I believe there is an issue on what data jquery based template receives. 

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