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Deploying from Visual Studio to Azure

I am working with Virto Commerce server 2.4.561 and I'm having a great deal of difficulty successfully publishing to Azure from Visual Studio.  Based on the documentation provided, it's not clear to me what the appropriate method is.  Most guidance related to Azure assumes that I am using Git deployment.  But in this case I am not.  I am coding locally on my dev machine and I would like to be able to use web deployment to deploy directly to Azure from Visual Studio.  However, the guidance found here seems to suggest that if you want to do your own deployment, you need to use deploy.cmd.  I'm not exactly sure why that is.  I can only guess that it has something to do with how the modules need to be packaged up.  

I am able to run deploy.cmd and it appears to succeed, but I end up with an artifacts folder with 2,000+ files and folders in it and I am left to use old-school FTP to sync all those files up with the Azure website.  Is this how it is meant to be done?  I have tried to deploy directly from Visual Studio to Azure, and it appears to succeed, but the site does not behave correctly.  Specifically, the custom modules I've built don't load correctly.

What is the right way to do this?

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I usually try to avoid double-posting, but since it seems rather quiet here, I'll try Stack Overflow and see if I have better luck there.

Hey Bob, 

we notified developers to make it a higher priority, we should have an answer for you shortly. It is fine to post on stackoverflow.

One workaround can be to deploy from github intially (that way everything is setup correctly) and then simply deploy your changes / your module (make sure to disconnect from github first). That is just a workaround, I'm sure our deployment developer can recommend better approach.

Hope this helps in the meantime.

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