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CSV Catalog Export Issue on Azure Deployments

I have an azure deployment, however, when I am exporting to CSV from catalog, it tries to export to the following link:

I have tried to find where the setting is to change this to blob storage but I am a new with the software.  If you change the localhost to the URL of the deployment, it gives a 404 error.  I believe that there is somewhere there is a setting to configure local or blob storage, could you please direct us to where this is? 
By the way, this is from a default azure deployment currently.
Thanks for your help.

Here is a paste of what it returns:

Catalog to csv export


Start export

Start —  4:00:39 AM

End —  4:01:33 AM

Total count


Processed count


Error count


Download Url:http://localhost/admin/Assets/temp/Catalog-newjersey-export.csv

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The setting is configure in the web.config file where you can specify connection string and type of storage, right now platform comes with support for local storage and blog azure storage.

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