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Umbraco CMS Integration

Goal is to provide Umbraco CMS integration that allows for seamless integration of product catalog, checkout and customer profile within Umbraco site. Let us know what spefic features you'd like to see.

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It's great idea!

Hey Sasha,

How is the integration coming along?



Hi Tom, 

we recently released Orchard CMS integration and now shifting more developers toward Umbraco. We would appreciate any suggestions on what features and functionality is impotant to you clients within umbraco.

Hi Sasha,

Sounds great :) What sort of features have you built in for the Orchard integration? Currently things like tiered pricing, discounts & filters are things that our clients require quite a bit at the moment. How does the integration work if you don't mind me asking?



For Orchard we created simple widgets for catalog, product, checkout and authentication that can be used in CMS. The modules are quite simple and can be easily extended. They use Client Library which provides API to access web services and the same library that is used for our own frontend. It is completely open sources, so you can explore the integration yourself.

7 months later .... how's the integration coming along?

Actually we haven't got much demand for Umbraco integration, so it got delayed. We are also now reconsidering how that should work and most likely will provide pure javascript integration instead of more native.

We're desperately looking for a replacement for nopCommerce. We also have many umbraco sites and a few with ecommerce packages. We started looking into developing a custom api based ecommerce system for umbraco however virtocommerce has caused us to pause and consider if it will do the job - looks like it from our brief play on the demo. Integration with umbraco would be fantastic.

This functionality is higly important for us!

Umbraco is the best .net opensource option for cms.

minicart,checkout,filter ,login,registration (maybe also productlist and product page) would be great as angular components.

I tried quickly with cors to add the cart angular component to a wordpress site ( )

I dont know if cors is good for add blockers.

Soo for Umbraco this would be needed.

* Angular widgets/ components which talks ajax to a local proxy to avoid cors?

* routing for productlist/page (url rewite :) ). umbraco cms pages to category level x, multiple product page templates.

* pci redirect payments and customer logins needs to work between the umbraco site and site api.

*embed or link from umbraco admin to virto product admin.

* umbraco campaign widgets to specific product or category

* umbraco admin virto product(s)/category  field lookup.

To clarify.

For performance and simplicity its maybe not good idea to sync or make an virtual umbraco content repository, but im not sure.

As site administrator I want to create umbraco pages for product categories to level x to customice the layout and widgets for the shops main categories. Maybe the clothes category dont have the cross sell widget.

As site administrator I want to be able to add a related widget to all product pages on the site or just to the product pages in a specific category.

Shortly cms editing need to be made local (specific product) and global on the whole site, this need is unique for ecommerce and not so much for a standard cms site.

maybe child pages can inherit widgets from parent page.

let me know if I was unclear in something, I have just implemented an integration with epi cms and an other ecommerce solution so I know the customer needs :)

I have to agree with Pierre.

We've used umbraco and uCommerce several times - and whilst the API of uCommerce is pretty good, I feel they spend far too much time making sure it is all integrated into the umbraco UI. Larger eCommerce retailers are quite used to managing their shop, their inventory and assets from several different platforms - so why waste time making it a perfect integration into the UI.

If I were approaching it I would:

  • Make it possible via URL rewriting to extract/display product and category information within any CMS;
  • Add properties into Virto that allows Administrators to pick assets/members/pages from umbraco (or A.Nother CMS);
  • Add properties (data types in umbraco talk) that allow Administrators to pick products/categories from Virto;
  • Enable the umbraco site to capture the callback from the payment provider to authorise a Sale/Order;
  • Keep the login for umbraco and Virto seperate

With an approach like this, it should be *relatively* easy to implement Virto into any .NET CMS. The developer will need to create all the controllers/templates, basket, checkout etc, but providing that the code can talk to the Virto API this shouldn't be a problem whatsoever.

My thoughts anyway.......

We'd love to use VirtoCommerce for our next project, but without an integration into a really powerful CMS such as EPiServer or umbraco it's just not viable.

Interested to know other peoples thoughts.



Hey Al,

what exact functionality are you looking for in CMS? Do you expect your customer to drag and drop controls on the page? Do you expect them editing content inline on the frontend? We have some CMS functionality already inside the product that satisfies most of the user use cases we encounter.

PS: regarding CMS integration, we will be providing javascript integration with CMS'es instead of direct api ones. So you would be able to easily add buy button on any cms page as well as checkout and cart functionality.



What happened with Umbraco Extension? 
is it under development yet?  

It is not under development at the moment. You can see what is our roadmap on our github repository.

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