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Orchard CMS Integration

Provide widgets to display categories, products, dynamic content, cart and checkout pages within Orchard CMS. 

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For us, the most valuable thing would be widgets for:

  • Displaying breadcrumb / navigation (e.g. maybe a component to put in left nav similar to: -- also see the breadcrumb)
  • Showing shopping cart icon with number of items
  • Category page widget that shows child categories
  • Bottom level category widget that showed summary information for each product under that category
  • Product page widget
  • View shopping cart page widget
  • Checkout page widget

I'm sure there are other things I'm missing but you would know better than us :)

Thanks for the feedback Jacob, we currently working on catalog/product widgets and they should become available in our public github repository for orchard integration.

Module has been released on Orchard CMS Gallery:

Hey guys, it would be nice for the not-so-developer inclined to have some more thorough instruction when it comes to Orchard integration, i.e.: where does one acquire Application ID / Secret key etc.? :)


Sorry about that, sent note to developer to add that info. In the meantime you can open virto commerce manager (admin), then goto configuration->security->users pick a user "frontend", then click "API Keys" then click existing key or create a new one. You should now see app id and secret key in there.

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