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Fail to build new project with SDK 1.10

Hi there,

I have tested SQL Express and remote access is find but it is still cannot create store as well and shows an error as below.

Hello Vana,

Virto Commerce project was successfully created in the database. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the search engine. Open local services and start it if the search service is not running. The result should look like:

When you have the service started, verify it as described in step 7 in this guide

Now you should be able to create a Virto Commerce project.

But I do not have this kind of service!

ok, you have chosen not to install this service during SDK setup step 4. There are 2 options now:

  1. 1. uninstall the SDK and install again with "search" checked;
  2. 2. select a "Lucene" search provider while creating a project;

In any case you'll have to create a new project.
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