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Language problem


I think I found a small problem with the use of the language tools  in the top bar.

You click on your account space in de :

Then you decide to click on "Adressbuch" and you are automatically redirected to

Hi Stephane,

I can't seem to replicate that issue in our demo site. We recently, yesterday, updated it to 1.10. Can you try it again and see fi you have the same issue? If so let us know what browser you are using.

Ok well
Can you say me where I can find the link to download the Source Code 1.10 ?


Nothing about this version here :

Your online version is on 1.10 right ?
Cause I still see the same issue.

I log with an account. After going to here (account page) with English language selected, I try to change it to Deutsch and when I try to click on Adressbuch I'm still redirected to "" 

I tried with chrome and firefox


The fix is merged to master

The demo site was deployed a bit earlier before the fix was merged to master, so it will appear after next build.

Well ok thank you


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