Virto Commerce 1.9 new features

Recently we released a new version of our product. It was mostly focused on performance and small fixes, the new features include:

  • Migrated to Entity Framework 6
  • Improved performance by introducing full page caching and donut caching, in our test server we got performance of 200 requests per second with under a second page response times
  • Paypal integration
  • Admin User filtering (can now easily filter admins, customers and power users)
  • Promotion usage reservation system is implemented (once promotion is applied to a shopping cart it is reserved for that customer for a specified period of time)
  • More cart promotion conditions are introduced including: exact row total, subtotal, item with code part exists in the cart.

We'll be highlighting this feature more in our upcoming blog post.
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Has real time order products to mail? 

(Example: When someone order products, the system will automatic sent order mail to seller)

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