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SDK 1.9 version missing WMF issue


Demo site configurator shows "Successful" page and active "Finish" button. However all actions remains "pending" and no web site is created.


SDK 1.9.x version requires Windows Management Framework 3.0. So for some clean OS installation it need to install WMF manually:

This issue found only on VC SDK 1.9.x version.

I have this problem and I have spent many hours figuring out what is wrong until I have to install the SDK in 3 different computers. It worked in one of them but failed with the other two. I finally managed to figure out that the one which is successful has Windows Management Framework 4.0 installed. I think the SDK requires Windows Powershell 3.0 or above to work which comes together with WMF (Windows Powershell 2.0 didn't work for me).

On a side note, I managed to solve the problem hours before I came across this post considering how deep this post is buried in this forum. For other users who don't share my tenacity, they would've just given up and rule that this product is broken since there isn't any error messages prompted or in any of the logs.

I think this should be put as a requirement at the download page to save users countless hours of troubleshooting. 

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for letting us know. We'll include it in our installation guide.

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