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Tablet / Mobile View Navigation

The Responsive Template is nice but I think it needs some fixes for the navigation.

Issue 1:

When the page is less than 950px wide you can  not see or use the top links.

This includes buttons for:

  1. Store Selector
  2. Language Selector
  3. Currency
  4. Login
  5. Checkout
  6. My Cart
  7. My Wishlist
  8. My account

Solutions for Issue 1:

When the page is less than 950px the first 3 links [Store Selector] [Language Selector] [Currency] could move to a new responsive menu just like the Search box. The button to open the menu could be a spanner to represent "configuration".

The other links [My account] [My Wishlist] [My Cart] [Checkout] [Login] could stay at the top of the page so that they are always visible.

    Issue 2:

    In mobile view there are two  responsive menus that can be used.

    • Categories Menu

    • Search Men

    The 'Categories Menu' will close automatically if you click somewhere else on the page.

    The 'Search Menu' does not close automatically. This is a problem because if it remains open it can hide other text and buttons on the page.

    Solution for Issue 2:

    Add auto-close to the Search Menu.


    Thanks Mark, I pointed out these issues to a developer. We'll go through them and address them in the future release.

    Issue 2 will be fixed in version 1.9. Issue 1 is known and registered, but requires more design work, so it will be done later.


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