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Add ability to import products in single file.

To be minimum viable product on shop, product has to have following thigs:

1) description

2) price

3) image

To do that using import files, you need to use at least three files and much of manual work.

1) First you have to import product descriptions. 

2) Then you have to import product prices.

3) Then you have to upload image files.

4) Then you have to import product images (as assets). Problem with importing product images is that you have to know product ids, which you will have only when you have completed first step and downloaded created product ids.

It would be nice to have single file product import, which may be would not be as flexible as current approach, but would import full product information from single file.

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That is a good suggestion, it would work for simple products with single price etc. We will look into adding this approach.

4. You don't need to know product ids, you can use special field "Code", which is a unique identifier for the product. That way you can create import csv's with your "code" field and import all data at once.

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