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Looks like "Allow multiple instances" does not work

I set "Allow multiple instances" checkbox to false in system job details and assume, that while single job instance is not finished its job, next instance does not start running, but when debugging I've noticed that it is not the case.

Another issue is, that somehow job history table is not filled, any ideas why this is so?

I'm using 1.3 version (538build)

Hello Giedrius,

There was a similar issue regarding system jobs that was discussed in another thread: search problems

The hotfix was attached there, but I attach it here as well. 

Download the file attached and overwrite the source code package with the files in the archive.

Re-deploy the project.

Let us know how it works!


Do you mean "Allow multiple instances" runs multiple times when you are debugging? We will check it. It was mostly designed for multi server environments, like azure where same job scheduler can be running in multiple environments and for jobs like scheduling indexing (which needs to run on one server only).

Looks like hotfix haven't solved my issue. 

It would be great if it prevented running same job concurrently too.

For example indexing jobs locally are not working as I wished, so I set them to run every 30 seconds and add breakpoint. While I'm going line by line searching where's the bug, second thread kicks in and my call stack starts to jump around. There's a solution for this in VS (, but in general it's annoying to set up and quite slow.

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