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Virto Commerce Mobile Starter Kit

Native application starter kit for iOS, Android, Windows Phone. The application starter kit should allow customization to fit the overall brand theme.

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I believe this will be best bet in current market because no opensource e-commerce solution currently offer Mobile starter kit.

Web days are going and mobile gonna be next big hit...


Mobile phone users in India : 960,579,472 (source Wikipedia)

All major ecommerce companies in India now taking mobile only approach like (Snapdeal, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon)

So, this will be right time to introduce mobile starter kit for this product.


Nitin Khandelwal 

What do you see as a mobile kit, what functionality should it include? Is it for mobile application or simply responsive theme that adjust to various devices?

We have Web API and client library to access them, will the library for accessing these web services from various devices be enough?

Please share your experiences.

I love what you guys are doing with the API documentation ( This is excellent.

I think an official Java (Android) and Swift library would be swell. I presume that you have .Net portable client library already for Windows Phone.

There will be a need for reference apps implementation for the these platforms, but that can be done by the community members. I would definitely contribute for such reference app (

There will be needs for two type of reference apps:

1. Customer facing app (Catalog, CMS, Shopping Cart)

2. Store Owner facing app (Primarily notifications and lookup)

We don't have a portable client library just yet. For the reference app, what would be the UI framework of choice you would like to see? Apache Cordova, Xamarin or you'd want completely native apps for all different platforms?

Android or iOS. Unfortunately the market for Windows Phone app is close to zero. Xamarin is .NET centric and you will lock out majority of native app developers. 

The primary need is still the native client libraries (Android and IOS) for the API. It will eliminate a lot of boring work. 

Since we are using swagger toolkit, it is possible to auto generate client libraries from swagger definitions including java library and swift. Here is the generator tool:

What are you thoughts on that?

That will work. If you add those auto generated codes as two separate projects under your official GitHub account, that will allow people to discover the API easily. 

I will be  working on Wyamio (static generator) VirtoCommerce module

This is marked as 'in progress'. What does it mean? Are you guys working on it?

Yes, we are working on it. We actually now generating .net client library from swagger and should be publishing libraries for other platforms shortly.

Great. I'll start an Android project just for this

Great, can't wait to see it in action.

Here are some screenshots of mobile application (source code now available for partners and customers):

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